“True Friend” by Juliya Tirskaya

"True Friend" by Juliya Tirskaya

Hello friends, Juliya here with my 1st layout for September! Today I made Mixed Media Canvas with flowers, Laser Cut and Layered Embellishments. First, I applied brown paint through a stencil at the bottom of the canvas, and painted the top completely with paint. The second layer is a little dark green, very slightly! And in the end, through Rosa’s stencil, I applied light green paint. I got three layers of paint, with the transition of the picture in the background. I select the background colors for my photos.

"True Friend" by Juliya Tirskaya
“True Friend” by Juliya Tirskaya

When the background is dry, you can collect the composition. Here, everything is based on beautiful yellow flowers from the Vintage Shades Botanical Blends collection.
I complemented the flowers with elements from the Dandelion Fields: Laser Cut Sheet set. And wonderful elements from a set of Layered Embellishments. I just adore these beautiful leaves and such real dandelions! For works about summer, they are number 1 !!!

"True Friend" by Juliya Tirskaya

I supplemented the background with the help of stamps. And in the end i added a white gesso with a sponge to the top of the canvas. We apply it with light clapping movements. Touching the surface lightly. Then a light white layer is obtained. It lightened the work, added contrast and color transition to the background.

To add dynamics and movement, I used the Wishing Bubbles sets. Here you will find any color and size to enliven your work.

In the photo, my daughter and her friend are in the midst of summer. They enjoyed the sun and heat, spent whole days on the street. Therefore, for these photos I made a canvas with a doorknob – the door to summer.

"True Friend" by Juliya Tirskaya

Products I Used:

Dandelion Fields Laser Cut Out

PB-87681 Pascale's Rations Stamp Set
Pascale’s Rations Stamp Set

Gabi Postcard From Paris Stamp
Gabi’s Postcard From Paris Stamp
Wishing Bubbles -Limeade
Wishing Bubbles -Minty Breeze

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