Treasure Memories by Dorota Kruszewska

Treasure Memories by Dorota Kruszewska


Today I have a slightly vintage project for you. I wanted him to tell about a girl who writes a diary. She puts all his memories in it, both good and bad. The “Old School” collection is perfect for this project, because it has many elements connected with writing.

Treasure Memories by Dorota Kruszewska

I wanted my design to be not only vintage but also romantic. I choose “Penmanship” page and I put a lot of flowers and lace on it. I started with a texture that I made of structure paste and a lace floral stencil. I enriched the texture with hot embossing, which added a glamour effect, but also in dark shiny colors. Then I used big romantic stamps from “Gabi’s ethereal stamp set”.

Treasure Memories by Dorota Kruszewska

I wanted to match the color of the paper with the photo I chose, so I stained the paper with a bit of cobalt acrylic paint. Then I prepared the photo, enriching its frame with elements from the “Vintage Artistry Natural Collage Stacks” set and laser-cut shapes from main collection. I wanted to keep my page in blue and olive colors. However, I wanted to add a bit of a feminine touch by adding a pink that refers to the color of the girl’s lips in the photo. I achieved this effect by adding a few pink flowers and painting a few pink spots around the composition.

Treasure Memories by Dorota Kruszewska

On the background, I glued lace and clay elements. I used as always heavy body gel. The main composition is high and layered. But the two smaller compositions are also layered. Their arrangement on the page balances the difference between them and the large and rich main composition. I also added chipboards, flowers (from older and newer collections), cabochons, and lace. I put on some clay and metal elements around the composition. At the end, I glued big cardboard inscription, added some beads, and sprinkled page with glitter and sequins. And a little splash using white acrylic paint.

I hope that my page will inspire you to use beautiful products from 49andMarket. I wish you creativity and a lot of fun with scrapbooking!

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Botanical Potpourri

Dorota Kruszewska - DT 2020