“The Good Life” by Julia Ost

"The Good Life" by Julia Ost

Hello dear friends!

Being a huge fan of all of 49 and Market’s products, I love working with them to create multilayed and voluminous compositions.

"The Good Life" by Julia Ost
“The Good Life” by Julia Ost

This time I used the Vintage Remnants Laser Cut Shapes from Frame Set No. 02 along with the paper from the Vintage Remnants Collection Pack.

"The Good Life" by Julia Ost

I also added the photo of these love birds I took at one of the churches during my trip to Armenia. I think the elements of the composition looks great together and uplift my mood by bringing back good memories!

"The Good Life" by Julia Ost

Products I Used:

VRP-88312 12x12 Collection Pack
Vintage Remnants –  12×12 Collection Pack

VRL-88091 Frame Set No 02
Vintage Remnants – Frame Set No 02

Vintage Shades Botanical Blends – Blue

Pascale’s 1787 Stamp

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