“Serendipitous” by Lisa Gregory

"Serendipitous" by Lisa Gregory

Hello lovelies!! This week I decided on creating a canvas. I mounted a piece of “Paper No 02” from the Vintage Remnants Collection onto the canvas using Mod Podge. I used some texture paste and a stencil on the background and then covered the whole canvas with clear gesso. Once everything was in place, I used a paintbrush and painted using Distress Ink in various places around the canvas. I love to add a little vintage color to my pieces. Especially this this one which is canvas textured with the paste and a stencil.

"Serendipitous" by Lisa Gregory
“Serendipitous” by Lisa Gregory

I mounted a dollar store plastic frame onto the background, and covered it with white gesso, then with texture paste. I placed some of the Archival Chipboard on the frame. I used texture paste on the archival chipboard, and after it was dry, I painted it with Art Alchemy Fairy Sparks paint.

"Serendipitous" by Lisa Gregory

I also used pieces around the canvas borders. Then the magic began. I started to arrange the flowers around the picture frame. I used the Wildflowers in Mushroom and the Country Blooms and Mini Flowers in Tangerine.  Once all of the flowers and the butterflies were in place. I added the gold flakes, glass beads and microbeads around the arrangement. To finish the whole piece, I added Wishing Bubbles in Limeade and pieces from the Serendipitous Layered Embellishment Set scattered around the canvas.

"Serendipitous" by Lisa Gregory

Products I Used:

VRP-87995 Paper No 02
Vintage Remnants –  Paper No 02
Wishing Bubbles -Limeade

SC-88916 Serendipitous Layered Embellishments
Serendipitous Layered Embellishments
AB-88718 Treasure Archival Chipboard
Treasure Archival Chipboard

Happy Moments Archival Board

Wildflowers - Mushroom
Wildflowers – Mushroom

Country Blooms - Tangerine
Country Blooms – Tangerine

Flower Mini Series 01 - Tangerine
Flower Mini Series 01 – Tangerine

Thank you for joining me. I hope you were inspired to create your own canvas using 49 and Market’s products.

Check out Lisa’s blog for more of her work!