Relax by Georgie Connelly

Hi lovelies!

This is rather a sad post, this will be my second from last post for 49 and Market. I’m stepping down from this team (as well as some others) to make more time for my family.

For this layout I chose to go a little softer than my normal style, however I still found a way to get some black in there! 🙂

I started with a sheet of one of my fave collections from Vintage Artistry, Seeds of Love.

Then I did some background stamping with Gabi’s Square Stitch Stamp set. I actually kept this quite random and usually I like thing perpendicular, so I went against the grain with odd angles haha!!

After adding colour in pinks and creamy golds, I added more background stamping with Gabi’s Patterned Textures. Getting my contrast in there with black ink.

I started out with beige flowers, the first pack was Multi -Beige and used them almost as a base and under layers. Then added more with Beige Roses. I coated them all in white gesso and sprayed with pink, but love how hints of the orangey beige tones still come through adding warmth.

Finished up with some black splatters and dark pinky colour ‘dots’ to extend the layout further.

Thank you for joining me today and I will be back tomorrow with my final post!