“Meaningful Quietness” by Aleksandra Mihelič

"Meaningful Quietness" by Aleksandra Mihelič

Hi dear 49 and Market friends. Have you ever thought about how we live in such intense times? Sometimes, especially for the last few weeks, I feel emotionally and physically drained at the end of the day. It seems like we are constantly rushing rround, jumping from one point to another on our daily to-do lists, or maybe even on the lists of our dear ones, our family members, our kids. Sometimes I feel like a robot and at the end of the day I realize I haven’t even had a time to think. So I decided I will try to take late evenings, when kids go to bed, only for myself. To calm down, stop and think… and listen… listen to my thoughts, listen to my heart. Sometimes I go for a night walk. Seeing how calm everything around me becomes when people are tucked in their homes, brings special joy and piece to my heart. It seems that in today’s loud and crowded days, quietness can be so comforting and so rewarding. This is also the thought I tried to capture in my today’s layout for you.

"Meaningful Quietness" by Aleksandra Mihelič
“Meaningful Quietness” by Aleksandra Mihelič

I chose a paper from Bold and Beautiful paper collection , “Writings on the Wall” for my background. I slightly dry-gessoed it to tone down the richness and brightness of the colors, so my layout wouldn’t be too busy. I also added some random stamping with various gorgeous 49 and Market stamps. You can find the list of used stamp sets down below.

"Meaningful Quietness" by Aleksandra Mihelič

I chose this lovely photo of a little girl. It seemed perfect for my theme, since she seems so peaceful. Then I started building the composition around my main photo. I layered lots of laser cut embellishments from different collections as well as bunch of various flowers. I love how rich the composition became. At the end I added two quotes and I made few splashes with heavily diluted while acrylic paint. It is one of my favourite finishing touches.

"Meaningful Quietness" by Aleksandra Mihelič

Products I Used:

Bold and Beautiful -Writings On The Wall
Dandelion Fields -Laser Cut Out

Ethereal – 12×12 Collection Pack
Speciman VA 4536
Vintage Artistry -Specimen

Wishing Bubbles -Cream Soda

Wildflowers - Tangerine
Wildflowers – Tangerine

SG-87216 Stargazers - Lemon Drop
Stargazers – Lemon Drop

Vintage Shades Potpourri – Yellow

Garden Petals - Flamingo
Garden Petals – Flamingo

Captured Adventures -Stamp Set 2

GP-85878 Faded Damask Stamp Set (3x4)
Faded Damask Stamp Set (3×4)

Thank you for stopping by and have a lovely day!

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