Love this by Elena Martynova

Love this by Elena Martynova

Hello!! A huge welcome to you my 49 and Market friends!

5 years ago, my husband and I traveled to the Crimea. We took a lot of photos. I’m going to make an album out of these photos.
Unfortunately, time goes by, the album does not even want to start being made :)))
So I decided to slowly scrape individual photos.
Maybe in the future I will put together an album of them :)))
In Crimea, there was everything that I love so much: the sea and the mountains. There were even underground caves where we went on a tour.

Love this by Elena Martynova

As the basis for the page, I took the cover of the mini set Shipwreck from 49 and Market.
I really liked the old map in a gray-pink palette that was on it.
Slightly complicated the background with stamps. I lifted the photo with pieces of cardboard. I put paper scraps and a 2Crafty chipboard under it. Chipboard decorated with embossing powder.

Love this by Elena Martynova

Around the photo, I gathered a composition of shells, sea inhabitants, algae, corals and starfish. I like so much how many small bright elements came together and decorated my photo. I love playing with all these details. Like a child’s play – a kaleidoscope! You move them from place to place and each new image is better than the previous one :)))

Love this by Elena Martynova

In the end, I added some splashes of white acrylic paint and that was the end of my project.

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Devote more time to creativity while staying at home and you will remember this quarantine as a time that you lived with pleasure! Health and all the best!
Hugs, Elena!
Elena Martynova - DT 2020