Live a Life You Love by Dorota Kruszewska

Live a Life You Love by Dorota Kruszewska


With my today’s design, I returned to the vintage style. If you know my other projects, then you know that I just love this style! It is timeless, delicate, and gives a lot of possibilities in creating pages.

Live a Life You Love by Dorota Kruszewska

I used beautiful and subtle papers from the Vintage Artistry series. In these series there are papers in different color tones, I choose natural.
On this page was graphics with three beautiful butterflies. I used it and created a 3d impression by gluing additional butterflies on it. On the background, I made texture from structural paste and acrylic mists. I used also a pencil for make a shadow around butterflies. I stamped a little using permanent black ink.

Live a Life You Love by Dorota Kruszewska

The main composition is high and layered. I found an old picture that I framed in the series “Stitched Frames” and pieces of paper from “Vintage Artistry Natural Collage Stacks”.
The whole composition I kept it in the colors from the main paper: brown, grey, and ivory. I added some clay and metal elements around the composition. Then I glued a piece of lace and a few threads of sisal.

Live a Life You Love by Dorota Kruszewska

Now it’s time for flowers. Beautiful, in natural beige, cream, and green colors. Just gorgeous! I also added beautiful leaves and butterflies from pages with laser-cut elements. In the end, I glued the inscription, added some beads, and sprinkled page with glitter and sequins.

49 and market products:

Vintage Artistry Natural
Painted Ladies

Vintage Artistry Natural
Collage Stack

Vintage Artistry Natural
Stitched Frames

Sugar Posies

Floral Mixology
Emerald Isle

Gabi’s Ethereal
Stamp set

I wish you creativity and a lot of sun!

Dorota Kruszewska - DT 2020