“Just Lovely” by Christine David

"Just Lovely" by Christine David

Hello 49 and market fans! Today I’m with you to show you my last layout for November. I made a fall layout even though here in Quebec, the ground has been covered with snow for a few weeks, which is not very usual for a month of November. I used a paper from the Rusty Autumn Collection and the beautiful new flowers – I love them.

"Just Lovely" by Christine David
“Just Lovely” by Christine David

I’ll explain a little of what I did. As usual, I start with a layer of transparent gesso on the background paper so I can work with colored inks or watercolor without the paper absorbing everything. I made patterns of foliage with a stencil and modeling paste and before it dried, I dusted a little embossing powder that I then heated with the heat gun. I put colors on the background with ink in a Yellow Amber color. I made white drops embossed with White Ink Splash! On black chipboard, I put a little yellow and orange wax, unfortunately we do not see much on the photo. On flower chipboards I used some paint colors.

"Just Lovely" by Christine David

I made a cluster of flowers and foliage with the new Gardens Petals, Enchanted Petals, and Pixie Petals in the colors Salmon and Parchment. I stamped here and there with the Captured Adventure Stamp Set 2 and black waterproof ink. I added a little green color all around my arrangement with diluted Liquid acrylic with a little water and I made drops here and there with the same color and white paint, also diluted with water.

"Just Lovely" by Christine David

Products I Used:

AB-86721 6x6 Archival Board - Timeless (Black)
 6×6 Archival Board – Timeless (Black)
Captured Adventures -Stamp Set 2

Garden Petals - Parchment
Garden Petals – Parchment
Garden Petals - Salmon
Garden Petals – Salmon

Enchanted Petals - Parchment
Enchanted Petals – Parchment

Enchanted Petals - Salmon
Enchanted Petals – Salmon

Pixie Petals - Parchment
Pixie Petals – Parchment

Pixie Petals - Salmon
Pixie Petals – Salmon

Thank you for your visit, see you soon!

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