“Happy Go Lucky” by Tina Ollett

Welcome 49andMarket friends!

Today I have my first instalment of my Design Team creations. This is titled “Happy Go Lucky” which is exactly what my youngest is! Out of the 3 of my children she is exactly that and much much more of course! When I was getting together my goodies to start this layout I found a bunch of a series of photos from a moment up a tree! To hear it doesn’t sound like much but to see all of these photo’s lined up made my cheeks hurt from smiling! She has always worked it for the camera and she still does. The third of the series of these photos I had to sneak in without her seeing…….but eventually she found out that I was using it!!! And I was allowed…….such an easy going child as well !

2017-03-13 Happy Go Lucky 2 010 (1024x1021)

It is not often that I used more than one photo but when I do, I am always pleased that I have as it does tell more of the story, and after all that is what scrapbooking is! For this layout I decided to use up some pieces from differing collections. So I have combined Vintage Artistry with the Heirloom Botanicals.

Botanical Press

                        Botanical Press

Faded Blooms
                            Faded Blooms



2017-03-13 Happy Go Lucky 012 (768x1024)

My starting point for this was creating the background work. From Vintage Artistry’s Botanical Press piece I cut the imaged section leaving the sides still intact and turning the page once so the text at the bottom is on it’s side. Then from Heirloom Botanicals Faded Bloom I cut and gutted framework from this one piece. I then adhered everything back together and gessoed my base to soften the colours. I also added in some more pink highlights using Dusty Attic’s Dusty Pink Acrylic Paint. I have also used some Dusty Attic Texture Paste through a Dusty Attic script stencil for more texture.

2017-03-13 Happy Go Lucky 013 (1024x768)

I have used the newest of the flowers to 49andMarket’s collections ….The Vintage Shades…Orchid Bouquet.


These are sensational !!! My new favourite flowers to use. I love that they are multi coloured throughout the flower. As you lift the petals a pink can be seen which was just perfect for my layout. I have of course added a little white gesso to all of my flowers for a shabby chic touch.

2017-03-13 Happy Go Lucky 014 (1024x768)

I have also added in some beautiful Dusty Attic chippies to dress my layout a little more, along with the addition of lace flowers to help make my 49andMarket Orchid Bouquet pop!

2017-03-13 Happy Go Lucky 015 (1024x768)

The green foliage with the Vintage Shades flowers is just gorgeous. I am a huge lover of foliage and this addition just makes the flowers complete. I have also added in a little moss.

2017-03-13 Happy Go Lucky 016 (1024x768)


2017-03-13 Happy Go Lucky 019 (1024x768)


2017-03-13 Happy Go Lucky 021 (768x1024)

I have also popped on some pearls to the chipboards along with some metal pieces which I have coloured with gesso several times.

2017-03-13 Happy Go Lucky 022 (768x1024) (768x1024)

Well that is all from me today.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit here. Thank you for visiting.

Until tomorrow….

Tina x

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