Floral by Daria Schukina

Floral by Daria Schukina

Hello 49 & Market lovers!

Today I want to present to you my first video tutorial on a floral layout. This is a bit exciting for me, but I hope you enjoy it. I decided to start with a composition in the form of a wreath more convenient for me.

Floral by Daria Schukina

After the winter projects, I wanted bright colors, so I chose the flowers of the shade of cantaloupe. This color set the palette for my project.

Floral by Daria Schukina

For my work, I chose the Serendipitous collection. It seemed to me that this would be an unusual and interesting combination of shades.

Floral by Daria Schukina

I have performed such compositions several times already, so this is exactly what I wanted to share with you in the first place. In the video tutorial, you will see how I step by step prepare the decor for the layout and how I collect the composition.

I really hope you find something useful in this tutorial. Thank you and see you soon!

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Daria Schukina - DT 2020