“Enjoying The Spring” by Aleksandra Mihelič

Hi dear 49 and Market friends,

Have I told you already that I love springtime? Yes, I do also love winter… I love the winter magic that we feel in this special time of the year. But, each year I’m so anxiously waiting for the spring to come. I love when nature is awakening, when warm spring sun is shining on us, when everything blossoms. I love spring fragrances of the flowers. And I absolutely adore birds and butterflies. So today I made a layout for you in which I tried to capture that spring feeling. I hope you like it and feel inspired by it.

"Enjoying The Spring" by Aleksandra Mihelič
“Enjoying The Spring” by Aleksandra Mihelič

For the background, I used two papers from different collections. The dark one is from the latest “Vintage Remnants” collection and the other one is from “Vintage Artistry”. I also cut out some bits and pieces from the “Vintage Artistry – Flora and Fauna” paper and I also used Laser Cut Shapes that I’ve been admiring since I first laid my eyes on them – “Dandelion Paradise”. Not only are they are gorgeous and breathtaking by design, but they are also so amazing and easy to use, especially if you are the kind of crafter who does not like fussy cutting too much.

"Enjoying The Spring" by Aleksandra Mihelič

I wanted to add some mixed media touches to the layout, but in between the process decided not to. All the layers I built with papers and laser cut shapes were perfect and I wanted to keep it that way. I wanted to concentrate my layout in the left lower space. I really love some empty space on my layouts.

"Enjoying The Spring" by Aleksandra Mihelič

Products I Used:

Laws of Nature VA 4505
Vintage Artistry – Laws of Nature

Floral Fauna Cut Out VA 4567
Vintage Artistry – Floral Fauna Cut Out

VRP-88312 12x12 Collection Pack
Vintage Remnants –  12×12 Collection Pack

VRL-88091 Frame Set No 02
Vintage Remnants –  Frame Set No 02

VRL-88107 Frame Set No 03
Vintage Remnants –  Frame Set No 03

Dandelion Fields – Laser Cut Out

SG-87216 Stargazers - Lemon Drop
Stargazers – Lemon Drop

Vintage Shades Potpourri – Yellow

Thank you for joining me for today’s inspiration here on the 49 and Market blog and I’m looking forward seeing you again soon!

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