“Enjoy the Beauty” by Juliya Tirskaya

"Enjoy the Beauty" by Juliya Tirskaya

Hello friends, Juliya here with my new layout! And today, I chose to work with a new mini collection, Serendipitous.

"Enjoy the Beauty" by Juliya Tirskaya
“Enjoy the Beauty” by Juliya Tirskaya

I used the Rain Storm paper for the base sheet. I used laser cut elements from this collection and 3D layered embellishments from an old collection. I also took flowers from new collections: Flower Mini Series 01 in Blush and Wildflowers in Punch. Ah, I fell in love with the Wildflowers! They are double the volume and include a lot of beautiful greenery, which is so nice to work with!

"Enjoy the Beauty" by Juliya Tirskaya

I also added Wishing Bubbles in Soda Pop. The coolest thing is that in these sets are not flat bubbles, but 3D! At the end of the work, I used stamps from the Gabi’s Dandelions Stamp Set and Vintage Artistry Stamp Set.

Products I Used:

Serendipitous - 12x12 Collection Pack
Serendipitous – 12×12 Collection Pack

Serendipitous - Rain Storm
Serendipitous – Rain Storm

Gabi Dandelions Stamp Set GP 4703
Gabi’s Dandelion Stamp Set

KPertiet Vintage Artistry Stamp Set VA4727
Vintage Artistry Stamp Set
Botanical Blends -Bottle Green

Wildflowers - Punch
Wildflowers – Punch

Flower Mini Series 01 - Blush
Flower Mini Series 01 – Blush

Wishing Bubbles – Soda Pop

Check out Juliya’s blog for more of her work!