“Be Happy” by Juliya Tirskaya

"Be Happy" by Juliya Tirskaya

Hello friends, Juliya here with my new layout! And today, I chose to work with the Bold and Beautiful Collection.

"Be Happy" by Juliya Tirskaya
“Be Happy” by Juliya Tirskaya

I used the “Edge of Reason” paper for the base sheet. I cut a postcard from the base sheet. And than made a layer, for this i glued the cardboard on the back of the postcard. I added laser cut elements from this collection and from the Ethereal Mini Collection. I also took flowers from the new collections: Flower Mini Series 01 in Sky, Country Blooms in Cloud, and Wildflowers in Tangerine.

"Be Happy" by Juliya Tirskaya

With the help of stamps, I made doilies and added them to the base of work. I also needed a chipboard from the set “Treasure” in white. Wonderful white twigs, I just added them to the layers of decor. The layout used a photo from 1980. Here is my grandmother and me. She adored flowers and our whole house was buried in flowers all the years that I grew up with them.

"Be Happy" by Juliya Tirskaya

Products I Used:

Ethereal – 12×12 Collection Pack

BB-88220 bold and beautiful laser cuts
Bold and Beautiful Laser Cuts

Bold and Beautiful – Edge of Reason
AB-88718 Treasure Archival Chipboard
Treasure Archival Chipboard
49 And Market - Vintage Remnants - Doilies Stamp
Vintage Remnants – Doilies Stamp

KPertiet Vintage Artistry Stamp Set VA4727
Vintage Artistry Stamp Set

Gabi Crackle Taxture Stamp Set GP 4642
Gabi’s Crackle Texture Stamp Set

Flower Mini Series 01 - Sky
Flower Mini Series 01 – Sky

Country Blooms - Cloud
Country Blooms – Cloud

Wildflowers - Tangerine
Wildflowers – Tangerine

Check out Juliya’s blog for more of her work!