“Angelic Delight” by Antonia Moreno

"Angelic Delight" by Antonia Moreno

Hello and welcome again to the blog, 49 and Market fans! Antonia Moreno with you today, sharing a new 12×12 layout. When people ask me about inspiration and where I get mine when creating layouts, I always give the same answer: the main photo is the key. The photograph is the most important piece of your layout so it has to be a good one, that moves your feelings and push you to create right away. It can be a photo made by a photographer or one of your beloved people, one that reminds you of a good past time or an old one from your grandparents. It doesn’t matter: the key is that the photo should inspire you to work and create something beautiful or funny with it, and save your memories.

"Angelic Delight" by Antonia Moreno
“Angelic Delight” by Antonia Moreno

I loved this photo from the very first time I saw it. To me, it was inspiring, so I asked the photographer to let me use it on this new project. The hardest part was looking for the background paper. I ended with at least 5 blue sheets on my desk until I made my mind and took this one from the Vintage Remnants collection. Firstly, I covered it with clear gesso to protect the page, then, glued down onto a cardboard. I decided to use a stencil but did something different this time. I mixed black gesso with white texture paste until I got a grey paste. Put over the background with the stencil and while wet, put some black and blue embossing powders and dried with a heat gun. Afterwards, some stamping here and there.

"Angelic Delight" by Antonia Moreno

Time for composition! I started by layering some beautiful 49 andMarket flowers of the latest release and needed to glue some cardboard layers for the photo in order to make some space behind to work 🙂 I painted the chipboard with different products and techniques: blue liquid inks, black gesso, and crackle texture paste. Once everything was dry, I put all together, creating a composition I liked on the center of the layout.

Finally, I put on some art stones, blue beads, and white gesso to make sure that everything matched.

"Angelic Delight" by Antonia Moreno

Products I Used:

VRP-88077 Paper No. 10
Vintage Remnants Paper No. 10
Ethereal - Flora
Ethereal – Flora

AB-86745 6x6 Archival Board - Remember Today (White)
6×6 Archival Board – Remember Today (White)
AB-88701 Memory Captured Archival Chipboard
Memory Captured Archival Chipboard

AB-88718 Treasure Archival Chipboard
Treasure Archival Chipboard

PB-87681 Pascale's Rations Stamp Set
Pascale’s Rations Stamp Set

Daisy Stems – Cornflower 

Wildflowers - Sky
Wildflowers – Sky

Country Blooms - Cobalt
Country Blooms – Cobalt

Wishing Bubbles – Cotton Candy

Thanks for stopping by. See you in a couple of weeks with a new layout. Meanwhile, enjoy playing with your 49&Market products!

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