A Happier Halloween

Hi there

I thought I’d put a different spin on Halloween, a prettier one 🙂 Thinking along the lines of spider webs I found this gorgeous photo of one and knew it was meant to be!


With my arrangements I’m very much about building up the ‘artsy’ mess around the edges so all focus goes on the  photo.


LOVING the new flowers from 49 and Market, especially the roses (Lavender Roses used for this layout). Such a perfect filler or stand alone for more of a feature.


Also new out are the vines. They make framing a photo or setting a base for more flowers so easy. That is what I did for this layout. The vine I used here is Garden Vine Saffron and I sprayed some extra gold to bring out the warmth that you can see in the photo.


I used cheesecloth to reflect the web in the photo on the page. You can see here a close up of my background stamping. Always a fan of messy stamping so I never aim for this to be perfect, but just to get additional pattern down. For this layout I used my new set that came out recently With All Your Heart and Gabbi’s new Patterned Textures.


Got the word ‘Inspire’ in there a few times. It’s one of my favourites from all the positives ones we hear.


And of course this post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the gorgeous papers used. I did a double layer, Passage being the main sheet and Harmony being the backing piece. I have found if you like heavy mixed media with lots of paints two sheets often works wonders for keeping everything flat but also doubles as a gorgeous frame for the page.