Sivan Amedi

Sivan Amedi - Israel
Sivan Amedi – Israel
Hi lovely friends! my name is Sivan Amedi from Israel. I have 2 sweet boys and married to the love of my life, a man who supports me to pursue my dreams to be an artist. I’ve loved art since I can remember, dealing with it all my life, each time with something else.
 When I got to college my parents said it was a hobby so I went to study Psychology. When I finished I can’t let my “hobby” go on and went on to the academy and studied Fashion Design. Today, after more than 13 years I have turned my hobby into a profession. I am a fashion designer, graphic designer, craft educator, owner of “Meme Ve Mari”, a studio where I create, make video tutorials and teach scrapbooking, mixed media & sewing. I bless my work every day anew and I have many more big dreams and hope that they will come true. Because I’m a very optimistic (or just crazy) I hope to believe that with patience and a lot of hard work, it will happen!  🙂 My style is associated with softness, harmony and a lot of elements, especially flowers. Hope to inspire others with my projects, that’s the most satisfying thing for me.